If you would like to submit your free HTML Template or WordPress Themes to Web Theme Vault, please send us an email to “webthemevault@gmail.com”, with a link to the templates demo page, and a link to where we can download the zip file.

Please note – please do not send us the downloadable file directly via email. All templates that you submit are evaluated by Web Theme Vault and if its or they fulfill all guidelines then it / they will join the waiting list to be published.

Web Theme Vault Guaranties

We do not guarantee submission and therefore reserve the right to publish or reject any template that is submitted without explaining the reasons why.

Web Theme Vault showcases HTML templates that can be converted into various forms such as Blogging platform, E-commerce platform, CMS systems, corporate websites, etc..

Templates Credits

Ensure that all credits and copyright are correct before submitting your template. Web Theme Vault can not be held responsible for the template that is submitted by 3rd parties who have removed or changed credit information.

When submitting a template you agree that Web Theme Vault can change its content, links and some visual elements that are found within the template.

What you should Know

You also agree that Web Theme Vault can remove or change all excessive external links found in templates other than credit links that are involved with the creation of the specific submitted template, including links to the template developer and associated template sponsors.

In any case we are more than open to answer all your questions in regard to the submission. Do not hesitate to drop us an email at our address: webthemevault@gmail.com.

We will try as we can to answer as soon as possible.

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