How to prevent WordPress website vulnerabilities

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Preventing WordPress website vulnerabilities can be overwhelming but it is an achievable step for everyone who uses the platform.

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS that you can find behind websites on the internet. If you are using WordPress, you must be experiencing the features and flexibility that comes along with it.

Along with that, you must also have a strong understanding on how to prevent WordPress website vulnerabilities. Here’s a quick overview on how to overcome WordPress website vulnerabilities.

Why should you be mindful about WordPress website vulnerabilities?

Let’s take a look at the recent WooCommerce vulnerability and explore the importance. A critical vulnerability in WooCommerce was identified on 13th July 2021.

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This is an SQL injection vulnerability associated with the WordPress plugin.  As a result of this vulnerability, cyberattacks were provided the chance to gather scads of information from the databases of WooCommerce stores.

In fact, hackers could have gain access to numerous forms of data, including admin credentials, payment card info, and customer data.

Security patches started rolling out when the vulnerability was first identified.

However, we are not too sure how many online merchants who use WooCommerce were impacted by this.

Imagine the negative impact that your business will have to experience when its most sensitive information is exposed. If you don’t want to take any risks with it, you should prevent WordPress website vulnerabilities.

Ways to prevent WordPress website vulnerabilities

1.      Run the latest version of WordPress

You need to make sure that your WordPress website is always running on the latest version of WordPress.

This is a proven method available for you to overcome WordPress related vulnerabilities. However, most WordPress website owners fail to take a look at this fact.

According to recent studies, it has been identified that over 86% of the WordPress installations are based upon outdated WordPress versions.

Every single WordPress update will bring you new features and bug fixes. On top of that, you can get security fixes with each version of WordPress as well.

You will be able to use these fixes to ensure your security without a struggle.

2.      Run the latest versions of plugins and themes

Similar to running the latest version of core WordPress, you should also be running the latest versions of plugins and themes as well.

Some people believe that running the latest version of WordPress is enough. However, attackers can sneak in through themes and plugins in your WordPress website as well.

The most recent example where the attackers gained access through WooCommerce plugin is a perfect example to prove the above-mentioned fact.

As you run the latest versions, you will not have to worry too much about anything in terms of security. Any person who is concerned about WordPress website security should keep this in mind.

3.      Be careful when you select plugins and themes

Not all themes and plugins available for your WordPress website can be trusted.

This is why you should be careful when you select plugins and themes for the WordPress website. Before you install a new theme or a plugin to the WordPress website, you should do a background research on it.

This is where you should learn more about the credibility of the author. On top of that, you will also need to get to know about the reviews that people have left on the plugin or theme.

Based on the information, you can make a decision to start using a plugin or a theme. For example, you can stick to a reputed ecommerce plugin such as WooCommerce and build a WooCommerce Website.

4.      Remove all the inactive users

You can go through the list of users under your WordPress website and remove all inactive users out there. When you keep inactive users, you will be living with risk.

Such users can gain access to the WordPress website at any given time and lead you to trouble. This is why you should take appropriate steps to remove all the inactive users from your website.

You can also think about changing their roles to subscribers. Then you can minimize the impact created by them.

5.      Prevent directory listings

Preventing directory listings is a security configuration that you can do on your WordPress website.

In case if you turn on directory listings, the server will display an HTML page listing, which includes content in the directory.

When you are exposing this, you will be taking a risk. That’s why you must always refrain from showing directory listings.

Keep these tips in mind and prevent WordPress website vulnerabilities. Then you will be able to ensure highest level of protection under your WordPress website as well.

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