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How to use WordPress Websites for your web design business

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WordPress websites have become popular today that web design business, bloggers, business owners, charities and so on are having so much benefits from them and for many reasons.

It is important for all the businesses to have professional websites on their own. However, to create a website and manage it can be a challenge for the business owners, who don’t come from a comprehensive technical background. This is where WordPress comes into play.

What is WordPress and why use it?

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System that people use to develop websites in today’s world. This content management service is used by millions of business owners who live in every corner of the world.

According to statistical information, over 400 million (over 30%) websites out there are powered by WordPress and over 100 million of them are based on United States. This includes both personal WordPress websites as well as business websites.

What are the reasons that make WordPress an ideal platform for the business owners?

Before you move forward to the next stage of developing WordPress websites, you need to take a look at the reasons on why they are appealing for the business owners out there. Here are some of the most prominent reasons that have contributed towards the popularity of WordPress websites.

1. WordPress is extremely user friendly

Few years ago, for the creation of almost all the websites on Internet and their maintenance you needed a professional website designers.

 As a result, business owners had to spend a huge amount of money when they wanted to have a website on their own.

WordPress helped them to create their own websites with minimum hassle. You don’t need to know the web developing languages such as HTML, CSS or PHP in order to create a WordPress based website. You can easily learn the basics of WordPress and use that knowledge to create a fascinating website for your business.

2. WordPress can do virtually anything

WordPress is one of the most flexible and powerful personal publishing platform available for the modern world business owners. You can easily enhance its functionality according to your specific needs and requirements. In other words, WordPress can help any type of a business owner to create a website.

For example, you can use WordPress to create an e-commerce website, portfolio website, email marketing website, social media network or for event scheduling purposes. Almost any kind of website.

3. You are in control with WordPress

If you decide to create a Go Daddy website using Website Tonight, you will need to stick to their hosting plans. The same applies for other popular web developing services like Hubspot as well. However, all the people who create websites with WordPress are in control.

For example, all the people who create WordPress websites with Go Daddy can transfer it to another hosting plan at a later stage without any fuss.

4. WordPress offers professional help

You can find thousands of web designers and developers who are experts in WordPress. Therefore, you can think of creating your own website with WordPress without any doubt on mind. If you want to add a new functionality to your WordPress website, but don’t have a clear understanding on how to do it, you can think of getting the help of those experts. These services are available for you at affordable prices and you don’t need to worry about anything.

5. WordPress is always evolving

WordPress is a platform that is always up to date and on a regular basis. All these updates come along with enhanced functionalities that can assist you to stay in touch with the latest technologies. In addition, WordPress is an open source platform and thousands of web developers are working hard to bring new updates to the users.

6. You can get a high performance

You are expecting to receive the highest level of performance out of your business website. This is another reason on why you need to take a look at WordPress. If you can get your hands on WordPress hosting and do the appropriate optimizations to your website, you will be able to secure getting quick loading speeds out of it. Along with this, you can deliver an impressive experience to all the visitors who come to your website.

7. You can easily manage an online store

It is possible for the business owners to use WordPress websites as an eCommerce website as well. In order to do that, you just need to go ahead with Woocommerce integration.

It is a plugin that comes along with WordPress, which can help you to develop an online store effortlessly. Along with that, you can sell products offered by your business online. This can deliver a range of benefits to your business as well. For example, you can increase the profits as you are selling your products to a bigger customer base.

Now you are aware of why business owners prefer to stick to WordPress when they plan to have their websites developed. You can also go ahead with WordPress for your business website development and you will never regret it with the results that you will receive.

What is the future of WordPress Websites?

With all the new features introduced in WordPress platform, users find it more attractive and easier to develop or design a website using WordPress.

We believe that there is a brighter future since people are able to make their own business, ideas or anything go live by building a WordPress website.

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