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WordPress Website: 4 simple tricks to speed up your Site

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WordPress Website is a Site build using a Software designed for free use by anyone. In fact, WordPress is a lightweight PHP script and powers more than 30% of Websites worldwide

1.   Choose a Good Hosting

As your project gets more serious, it is very crucial to choose a good hosting company that can give you plan according to what you are planning to get as visitors. Along that, you need also a hosting plan that supports well the weight of your website.

WordPress provides some advice on what to consider when choosing a company for WordPress Hosting.

Here are some of the basic requirements to consider when choosing a Hosting Plan:

  • PHP Version: As per this post date, WordPress recommend PHP 7 or greater
  • The database: PHP recommend MYSQL 5.6 or greater, MariaDB version 10.1 or greater as per this post date
  • As it is almost a requirement now for websites to have SSL (Secure Socket Layer), WordPress requires also a HTTP support.
  • One other basic need that is not a requirement but improves user experience is 1-click install feature.

Any server that supports PHP and MYSQL can be used but WordPress recommend Apache or Nginx as they stand as some of the most robust and featureful server for running WordPress

Some Hosting companies that give great experience to users by providing support for WordPress and a 1-click install feature are (The list is not exhaustive):

2.     Choose a good theme for your WordPress Website

Every WordPress Website needs a Theme to render it content. Whether it’s a custom theme or from a repository, a WordPress theme is the basis of your WordPress website, and need to be well coded with optimization in mind. Also, a theme need to be light weight to allow good speed for your site.

3. use caching Plugins:

A caching plugin is useful to generate and save static HTML pages on your server. This means, when visitors come to your website, your servers will serve them the previously generated HTML pages instead of processing PHP code on your WordPress website once more.

4. use optimized and compressed Images

Try to use well sized images, an image compression plugin to minimize the size of your images without affecting the quality of the image that much.

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